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I began making jewelry just a few years ago out of my home in Monroe, Washington. Monroe is a small city about 25 miles northeast of Seattle.

First I worked with beads. I was instantly drawn to the endless combinations I could devise with color. Soon, I fell into the rhythm of bead work. Lots of people ask how I have the patience to do this work. I find the rhythm of the needlework to be both energizing and soothing.

Then I began taking silversmithing courses. Even better! Silversmithing is like learning to surf. The rules of the ocean are immutable, as are those of silver and copper. One must crash into the boundaries and find open doorways. It's all about finding the places where the media grants control, so I can find my way to creativity.

About a year before I retired, I began building my studio. My Nan Cave. I cleared out my carriage house and began filling it with tools. What an adventure! When I finally rounded the corner into retirement, I had everything I needed to keep me engaged. As I continue to learn the rules of the metal, my style evolves. The Nan Cave is a place where I can let myself go into a creative zone. Much like my other creative endeavors, metal work takes me to a place where magic happens.

My newest adventure is working with metal clay. I'm just getting started, but I'm already hooked. I'm drawn to botanicals, where I make silver pendants from leaves, flowers and other botanical items.

I do not know what will come next and am often surprised and delighted with the work that springs from my hands. I hope you find something you will love and wear!

Posted by Nancy Corbett

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